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After 38 Years - nearly four decades dedicated to igniting the dreams of people all over the world - ITEC is now TAIT.

Hello! You’re not in the wrong place, we just have a new look.

ITEC is now TAIT. Our partnership began with the TAIT acquisition of ITEC in 2021, and we’ve been working together since to evolve our operations under TAIT while continuing to prioritize our clients, partners, and teams around the world.

We’re still creating and delivering bespoke and immersive themed entertainment stories, just as ITEC has done for the past 38 years. Now as TAIT, we have an extended network of multi-disciplinary teams across the globe who are all creating moments that move people. This means that we’ve got teams and resources in the US, UK, Europe, China, Japan, and MENA with expanded capabilities and expertise in creative engineering, fabrication, producing, technical innovation, and more.

We’re excited about this next chapter as we work to continue shaping the future of live and location-based entertainment.

Thank you for being a part of the ITEC journey with us.

Kevin Ford's hand-written signature
Kevin Ford
President, TAIT Orlando

Celebrating 38 Years of ITEC Moments & Magic

Thank you ITEC!